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The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS) is the longest-running national research study of parent and teen behaviors and attitudes about drug and alcohol use in the United States. This critical research is our unique contribution to the field of substance abuse prevention and addiction treatment.

For over two decades, the valuable insights gleaned from this annual survey, that tracks the elaborate and complex consumer attitudes about substance abuse, have helped us develop our research-based communication campaigns and educational programs.

PATS not only serves as a beacon for parents and caregivers, alerting them to new trends in teen substance abuse, but also keeps them informed about what drugs pose a threat to their kids and families.

The Partnership at also publishes Research Briefs for funders, alliance partners and media professionals highlighting key research findings about alcohol and other drugs.

Full Report and Key Findings: 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, sponsored by MetLife Foundation: Hispanic Teen Drug Use

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The Partnership at released new research from the latest Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), a nationally projectable survey that tracks teen drug and alcohol use and parent attitudes toward substance abuse among teens. The research, sponsored by MetLife Foundation, …

FULL REPORT: New Survey Finds That Parents Who Support Marijuana Legalization Expect Strict Regulation of Its Availability to Kids

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A Majority of Parents Say Legal Age for Marijuana Use Should be 21, Smoking Pot in Public Places Should be Prohibited  A new, nationally representative survey released today by The Partnership at confirms that parents who support legalization of marijuana …

Full Report and Key Findings: The 2012 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, Sponsored by MetLife Foundation

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This year’s national study data on American teens confirms that one in four teens has misused or abused a prescription (Rx) drug at least once in their lifetime – a dramatic 33 percent increase over the past five years. The …

Full Report: Hispanic Teens are Abusing Drugs/Alcohol at Alarmingly Higher Levels

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We  launched a brand new resource at “HablaConTusHijos,” our bilingual (Spanish/English) web resource for Hispanic families that provides science-based tools and expert guidance to help parents prevent and get help for a child’s drug or alcohol abuse.  As part of …

Presentation: Steve Pasierb Delivers Keynote at Women in Government’s 15th Annual Western Regional Conference

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On May 10, 2012, our President and CEO Steve Pasierb delivered the morning keynote at the Women in Government’s Outreach to Vulnerable Populations Conference, themed “Building Better Futures for America’s Teens & Young Adults.”  The conference was held in Portland, Oregon as the precursor …

Full Report and Key Findings: The 2011 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, Sponsored by MetLife Foundation

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The 23rd annual Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, sponsored by MetLife Foundation, found that past-month marijuana use – particularly heavy use – has increased significantly among U.S. high school students since 2008. 9 percent of teens (nearly 1.5 million) smoked marijuana heavily …

Survey Findings: More Than Half of Massachusetts Parents Say Their Kids Have Access to Abusable Prescription Drugs in Their Homes

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According to the results of a recent Massachusetts survey, more than half of MA parents (56 percent) say their kids have access to their (parents’) prescription medications, and one in seven parents (14 percent) have given their children pain medication that was …

Full Report: Parents360 Evaluation

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A new study demonstrates the successfulness of a prevention program that educates and equips parents and other caregivers to be better able to deal with their teens on drug and alcohol issues.  The program, Parents360 Plus, is the latest innovation in …

Full Report and Key Findings: The 2010 Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, Sponsored by MetLife Foundation

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Following a decade of steady declines, The Partnership Attitude Tracking Study (PATS), sponsored by MetLife Foundation indicates that teen drug and alcohol use is headed in the wrong direction, with marked increases in teen use of marijuana and Ecstasy over …

Mothers – A “Hands-On” Approach to Alcohol and Drug Prevention

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Parenting Style Differences Research indicates that mothers and fathers tend to have more similarities than differences when it comes to parenting their children. However, while not necessarily right or wrong there are differences in style between mothers and fathers that …

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