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Kentucky Offers Two College Scholarships to Teens Impacted by Prescription Drug Abuse

Kentucky is offering two $1,500 college scholarships to high school seniors who have been impacted by prescription drug abuse. Teens can qualify if they are recovering themselves, or if they are affected by a family member’s prescription drug abuse, according to the Associated Press.

Commentary: The Myth of “Study Drugs”

A quick Internet search of “pills to boost your brain power” will return thousands of hits. For high school and college students, the pressure to perform academically makes the idea of a pill that can help with attention or studying even more attractive, says one researcher.

One-Fifth of High School Seniors Report Recent Binge Drinking

A new study of high school seniors finds 20 percent say they have engaged in binge drinking in the last two weeks. Ten percent say they have had 10 or more drinks on one occasion, known as extreme binge drinking.

Children Who Speak Earlier May Be At Increased Risk of Alcohol Problems Later

Children who develop language earlier may be at increased risk of alcohol problems later in life, a new study suggests.

More Teens Drive After Using Marijuana Than After Having Five or More Drinks

A new study finds a higher percentage of high school seniors say they have driven after using marijuana than after having five or more alcoholic drinks.

New Jersey Governor Signs Law Allowing Sick Children Access to Medical Marijuana

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed into law a measure that allows sick children to more easily access edible medical marijuana, CNN reports.

Prescription Painkillers Taken Early in Pregnancy Could Increase Birth Defect Risk

Taking certain prescription painkillers early in pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida, a new study suggests. The overall risk of these birth defects is low, the researchers note.

Children Adopted From Russian Orphanages Have High Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Rates

A new review of studies finds high rates of fetal alcohol syndrome in children who are adopted from Russian and Eastern European orphanages, or who are in foster care. These children also are more likely than average to have other physical, mental and behavioral problems related to alcohol exposure in the womb.

Music Festival Corporate Sponsors, Investors Could Be Deterred by Drug Deaths

Recent deaths at electronic dance musical festivals may make corporate sponsors and investors nervous, The New York Times reports. At least seven young people attending these events have died after overdosing from “Molly” or other party drugs.

Music Festival Attendees Say “Molly” Use is Widespread

Young people who attend electronic dance music festivals tell The Christian Science Monitor that use of the drug “Molly” is widespread. The drug has been attributed to four recent overdose deaths, including two at a music festival in New York.

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