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Fraternity Group Opposes Bans on Freshman Rush Designed to Reduce Alcohol Deaths

A group that represents 75 national fraternities has been successful in opposing college rules that are designed to reduce alcohol-related deaths by postponing freshman recruiting, according to Bloomberg.

Vermont Colleges Engage Parents in Effort to Reduce Binge Drinking

Several colleges in Vermont are engaging parents in their effort to reduce binge drinking, according to the Associated Press. Students tend to drink less when their parents are aware of what they are doing, says Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen.

College Students’ Drinking Habits Formed in First Six Weeks of College: Expert

College freshmen’s drinking habits are often formed during the first six weeks of school, according to an expert from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Colleges Debate Usefulness of Drug Testing

Administrators at some colleges are debating the usefulness of drug testing, according to USA Today. Last month, a federal judge ruled a Missouri technical college’s mandatory drug testing policy is unconstitutional when it is applied to most students.

Student Drinking in Spotlight as Dartmouth Starts Year with New President

Dartmouth College is starting the school year with a new president, as the Ivy League school faces troublesome questions about binge drinking and other issues, The New York Times reports.

Atlanta Electronic Dance Music Festival Will Give Advice on Molly and Other Party Drugs

A nonprofit drug education group will be on hand at the TomorrowWorld electronic dance music festival in Atlanta on Friday to give advice on the dangers of using Molly and other party drugs. The group will also tell people who choose to use the drugs how to do so more safely.

Young Adult Smoking Risk Factors: Impulsivity, Regular Alcohol Use, Poor Grades

A new study finds three risk factors for smoking among young adults are being impulsive, using alcohol regularly and receiving low grades in school.

Commentary: The Myth of “Study Drugs”

A quick Internet search of “pills to boost your brain power” will return thousands of hits. For high school and college students, the pressure to perform academically makes the idea of a pill that can help with attention or studying even more attractive, says one researcher.

Children Who Speak Earlier May Be At Increased Risk of Alcohol Problems Later

Children who develop language earlier may be at increased risk of alcohol problems later in life, a new study suggests.

Pennsylvania Colleges Take Steps to Reduce Alcohol Use

A number of colleges in Pennsylvania are taking steps to reduce alcohol use among students, according to the Associated Press.

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