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California Measure Would Increase Financial Aid Funding by Raising Cigarette Tax

Supporters of a measure that would fund an increase in college financial aid in California, by raising the excise tax on cigarettes by a dollar per pack, have been given permission to start collecting signatures in an effort to get on the November ballot.

Washington Senate Approves Bill Permitting Alcohol Tasting in College Classes

A bill that would allow college students under the legal drinking age to taste alcohol in classes was approved by the Washington State Senate, according to the Associated Press. The bill applies to culinary, beer technology and similar college programs.

Multiple Sex Partners Increase Risk of Alcohol or Marijuana Dependence

A new study links the number of sex partners young adults have with their subsequent risk of developing alcohol or marijuana dependence disorders. The study found young women who had more than two or three sex partners when they were 18 to 20 years old were nearly 10 times more likely than those with one or no sexual partner to develop a substance dependence problem at age 21.

Study Links Smoking in Teens and Young Adults With Risk of Death Before 55

The risk of dying before age 55 is increased in teens and young adults who smoke, are obese and have high blood sugar levels, a new study suggests.

Four Loko Maker to Put “Alcohol Facts Panel” on Can

The maker of the sweet alcoholic drink Four Loko will put an “alcohol facts panel” on the back of cans containing more than two servings of alcohol, to settle the Federal Trade Commission’s charges of deceptive marketing.

Study Links Lower Drinking Age With Increased Risk of Binge Drinking

The ability to legally buy alcohol before age 21 is associated with an increased risk of binge drinking later in life, a new study suggests. The study included more than 39,000 people who started drinking in the 1970s, when some states allowed people as young as 18 to purchase alcohol.

Mixing Alcohol With Diet Soda Instead of Regular Soda Leads to Faster Intoxication

People who mix diet soda with alcohol get more intoxicated, and more quickly, compared with those who use regular soda in their alcoholic drinks, a small study suggests.

Commentary: Rx for Understanding: Free Online Tool to Teach Students

Medicine is only effective when it is used properly, and for young people moving to adulthood, learning how to use medicine properly is a critical life skill, explains Nora L. Howley of the NEA Health Information Network.

Ivy League Universities Unveil New Programs to Combat Drinking

This fall, seven of the eight Ivy League universities introduced new alcohol policies in an effort to combat high-risk drinking, the Yale Daily News reports.

Lawmakers Ask Energy Drink Makers for Safety Information About Products

Three federal legislators have sent letters to 14 marketers of energy drinks, asking for information about the products’ ingredients and for studies showing their risks and benefits to youth, The New York Times reports.

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