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Smoking Cessation Program Effective for Patients Hospitalized for Mental Illness: Study

Smoking cessation programs can be successful in patients hospitalized for mental illness, a new study concludes. Researchers at Stanford University found psychiatric patients in a quit-smoking program were more likely to stop using cigarettes, and were less likely to be re-hospitalized for mental illness, compared with patients not in the program.

Higher Cigarette Taxes Linked With Reduced Drinking in Men

Higher cigarette taxes are associated with reduced drinking in men and young adult smokers, a new study suggests.

Children Breathe in Less Secondhand Smoke Today—Unless They Have Asthma

Children today are exposed to significantly less secondhand smoke than they were a decade ago—unless they have asthma, according to a new government report.

Teens Who Use Smokeless Tobacco Likely to Also Smoke Cigarettes

Many teens who use smokeless tobacco also smoke cigarettes, according to a national survey of almost 19,000 middle school and high school students.

Smoking Bans at Outdoor Venues on the Rise

Many outdoor venues, including parks, beaches and college campuses, are banning smoking, according to ABC News. The number of outdoor smoking bans has almost doubled in the last five years.

Teens More Likely to Smoke if Parents Were Smokers, Even if They Quit Long Ago

Teens whose parents have ever smoked are more likely to become smokers, even if their parents quit before they were born, according to a new study. Teens with an older sibling who smokes are also more likely to start using cigarettes.

Tobacco Companies Follow Old Tactics in Marketing E-Cigarettes

Tobacco companies are using marketing tactics for their e-cigarettes that are similar to the ones they have used for regular cigarettes, including sponsoring race cars, using cab-top and bus stop displays, and buying TV ad time to tell smokers to take back their freedom, the Associated Press reports.

Quitting Smoking After Angioplasty Could Add Two Years to Life: Study

Quitting smoking after undergoing a balloon angioplasty procedure to improve blood flow to the heart could add an average of two years to a person’s life, a new study concludes.

22 Percent of Americans Support Complete Ban on Smoking

A new Gallup poll finds 22 percent of Americans support a complete ban on smoking, The Huffington Post reports. Only 9 percent of smokers support a complete ban.

Economic Status Early in Life May Influence Smoking, Drinking Patterns

Young adults who grew up in poverty are more likely to smoke than their peers who grew up in more economically secure homes, but they are less likely to binge drink, a new study suggests.

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