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Commentary: Terrie Hall: A Powerful Voice Lost to Tobacco

Legacy’s Julia Cartwright pays tribute to Terrie Hall, an important voice in the fight to save lives from tobacco use.

Young Adult Smoking Risk Factors: Impulsivity, Regular Alcohol Use, Poor Grades

A new study finds three risk factors for smoking among young adults are being impulsive, using alcohol regularly and receiving low grades in school.

Government Unveils Tobacco Research Program; Funding Could Total $273 Million

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health will award up to $53 million this fiscal year to create a tobacco research program. Funding over five years could reach $273 million, Reuters reports.

Study Finds Fewer Ambulance Calls When Casinos Go Smoke Free

Ambulance calls from casinos dropped significantly in Colorado after the state extended its smoke-free law to casino floors, a new study concludes.

Animal Study Suggests Cigarette Smoke Particularly Dangerous in the Obese

Cigarette smoking may be particularly dangerous for obese people, a new animal study suggests. Researchers found cigarette smoke may affect metabolism, and could increase the risk of cancer in obese people more than in their thinner counterparts.

Some Smokers Will Have to Pay More for Insurance Through State Health Exchanges

Smokers in some states will pay more than non-smokers for insurance premiums if they obtain their coverage through new state health exchanges being established as part of the Affordable Care Act. In some cases, smokers’ premiums will be as much as 50 percent higher.

Number of College Campuses With Total Smoke-Free Policies Has Doubled Since 2011

The number of college campuses with 100 percent smoke-free policies has doubled since 2011, to 1,182, USA Today reports.

Anti-Tobacco Campaign Featuring Graphic Images Helped 100,000 Smokers Quit

A government anti-tobacco ad campaign featuring graphic images helped 100,000 people quit smoking, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced this week.

Study Finds E-Cigarettes as Effective as Nicotine Patches in Smoking Cessation

E-cigarettes are about as effective as nicotine patches in helping smokers quit, a new study suggests. People who use e-cigarettes smoke fewer cigarettes, even if they don’t completely stop smoking, according to NBC News.

Study Finds Random Drug Testing Doesn’t Deter High School Students’ Substance Use

Random drug testing in schools does not reduce students’ substance use, a national survey of high school students concludes. The study found students who attend schools where they feel treated with respect are less likely to start smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

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