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22 Percent of Americans Support Complete Ban on Smoking

A new Gallup poll finds 22 percent of Americans support a complete ban on smoking, The Huffington Post reports. Only 9 percent of smokers support a complete ban.

Methamphetamine Raises Risk of Death From Fungal Lung Infection: Mouse Study

Methamphetamine may raise the risk of dying from a fungal lung infection called cryptococcus, a new study in mice suggests.

Economic Status Early in Life May Influence Smoking, Drinking Patterns

Young adults who grew up in poverty are more likely to smoke than their peers who grew up in more economically secure homes, but they are less likely to binge drink, a new study suggests.

Study Links Smoking in Pregnancy with Children’s Behavior Problems

An analysis of studies suggests children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy are more likely to have conduct problems later in life, such as getting into fights or having attention difficulties, compared with children of nonsmoking mothers.

Study of Compulsive Drinking in Rats Could Lead to Treatment for Humans: Scientists

The results of a study of compulsive drinking habits in rats could one day lead to a treatment for similar behavior in humans, according to researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. The treatment would only be effective if a person wanted to stop drinking, they say.

Commentary: Getting Past the Stigma and Treating Addiction as a Chronic Disease

How can we get past the stigma and ensure that our children, our loved ones and everyone affected by addiction receives the appropriate care, asks Dr. Thomas McLellan of the Treatment Research Institute.

Drug Used to Treat Epilepsy and Weight Loss Could Help Reduce Cocaine Addiction

A drug prescribed for both epilepsy and weight loss may help reduce cocaine use in people addicted to cocaine and alcohol, a new study suggests.

History of Severe Childhood Abuse May Increase Drug Users’ Risk of Suicide Attempts

Drug users who have been victims of severe childhood abuse are at increased risk for suicide attempts, a new study concludes. Less severe abuse, or physical or emotional neglect, does not appear to increase the risk.

“Doctor Shoppers” Bought 4.3 Million Prescriptions for Opioids in 2008: Study

People who “doctor shop” bought an estimated 4.3 million prescriptions for opioids such as Vicodin and OxyContin in 2008, a new study finds.

Most Women Who Drink Before Pregnancy Continue While Pregnant

Most women who drink before becoming pregnant continue consuming alcohol throughout their pregnancy, Australian researchers have found.

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