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Recovery High Schools: Giving Students a Second Chance

Recovery schools provide students recovering from substance abuse with a safe learning environment conducive to their situation and needs, and where the likelihood of relapse is minimized. While many recovery schools show clear success rates, each is not without its own unique challenges.

Methadone Becoming More Widely Used in Florida as Prescription Drug Abuse Grows

Methadone, long used to treat heroin addiction, is now becoming a popular tool in the fight against prescription drug abuse in Florida. A state review last year concluded that more methadone clinics and satellite offices will be needed to deal with the growing number of patients addicted to prescription drugs.

Fewer School Drug and Alcohol Counselors in Minnesota As Funding Dries Up

The ranks of school drug and alcohol counselors are thinning as grant funding to pay for these positions declines, The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. Some school administrators view drug and alcohol programs as luxuries that they can no longer afford.

A.A. Not So Anonymous Anymore

Anonymity isn’t as big a part of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) as it used to be, according to The New York Times. Whether or not this is a good thing is a matter of debate.

Doctor Says Restrictions on Buprenorphine Prescriptions Hurt Patients

An Oklahoma doctor who treats patients with opiate addiction by prescribing buprenorphine says federal restrictions on the number of prescriptions he can write for the drug are hurting patients.

Nic Sheff, Author of We All Fall Down, Interview: Part 2 of 2

In the second half of his interview with Join Together, Nic Sheff, author of the new memoir We All Fall Down, discusses what treatment and recovery mean to him.

Aftercare Programs Help Released Women Prisoners with Substance Abuse Issues Avoid Return to Jail

Women prisoners with substance abuse problems, who are enrolled in aftercare programs once they are released, are much more likely to stay out of prison, than women not involved in one of these programs, according to a new study.

SAMHSA Announces New Approach for Block Grants in Light of Health Care Reform

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has announced a change to the Substance Abuse Prevent and Treatment and Mental Health Services Block Grants. The change comes in response to the new federal health care reform law.

Nic Sheff, Author of We All Fall Down, Interview: Part 1 of 2

Join Together sits down with Nic Sheff, author of the new memoir We All Fall Down, to discuss his personal journey of recovery from substance abuse.

Ohio Governor Announces $36 Million in Drug Treatment and Work Readiness Funds

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich has announced $36 million in new drug treatment and work readiness funds. The funds are designed to help people addicted to prescription drugs get treatment so they can go back to work.

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