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Majority of Americans Say Doctors Should Have Limits on Pain Medication Prescribing

A new poll finds 52 percent of Americans say doctors should have limits on the amount and dosage of pain medication they are allowed to prescribe. Almost half of those surveyed said prescription drug addiction is a major U.S. health problem.

Some States Attempt to Crack Down on Phony IDs Used for Underage Drinking

New York state is introducing new driver licenses engraved with a “ghost image” that floats in a transparent window, in an effort to crack down on fake IDs used for underage drinking. Other states may follow suit, BBC News reports.

Florida Combats Prescription Drug Abuse With Laws and Enforcement

Florida’s success in combating prescription drug abuse is due to a combination of law enforcement and legislative action, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Minnesota Tackles Synthetic Drugs

Minnesota, which has outlawed synthetic drugs, is still seeing cases of exposure to the substances, according to

Arizona Law Bans Basic Chemical Formulas of Synthetic Drugs

A new Arizona law bans the basic chemical formulas of synthetic drugs. Law enforcement officials hope the law will be an improvement over a previous law that was frequently thwarted by synthetic drug makers.

New Anti-Smoking Ads Unveiled by CDC

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has unveiled a new series of anti-smoking ads designed to appeal to people’s emotions. They follow anti-smoking ads released last year, which the CDC said had a strong impact across the country.

Prescription Drug Abuse Experts Meet to Discuss Options for Stopping Epidemic

Experts are meeting this week to discuss how to stop the epidemic of prescription drug abuse, according to the Orlando Sentinel. They include leaders from government, the pharmaceutical industry, and public health and safety groups.

UPS Agrees to Settle Case Related to Illegal Internet Pharmacy Shipments

United Parcel Service has agreed to settle an investigation into online pharmacy shipments, The Wall Street Journal reports. The company will forfeit $40 million in payments it received from illicit online pharmacies, and will not be prosecuted.

Experts Debate Ethics of Refusing to Hire Smokers

As a growing number of employers institute policies that ban hiring smokers, medical ethicists debated the policy in the New England Journal of Medicine. One group argues not hiring smokers sends a strong message to employees and the community that smoking is harmful, while the other group calls the practice unethical.

Parents: Talk to Your Teens About Drinking Before They Start College

Parents who discuss drinking with their teens before they start college can influence their children’s drinking behavior once they are at school, a new study suggests. A parental talk can reduce the chances that light drinkers will become heavier drinkers, and increase the odds that teens who already drink heavily will reduce their drinking or stop.

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