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Stop Urban Outfitters From Selling Products that Promote Prescription Drug Abuse

Urban Outfitters, the national retail store popular with teens, is currently selling pint and shot glasses and flasks made to look like prescription pill bottles. These products make light of prescription drug misuse and abuse, a dangerous behavior that is responsible for more deaths in the U.S. each year than heroin and cocaine combined. Join us and ask Urban Outfitters to remove these products from their stores and website immediately!

Colleges Tighten Rules on ADHD Drugs

Dozens of colleges are instituting stricter rules for diagnosing and medicating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, The New York Times reports.

Gene Variants May Protect Babies Exposed to Opioids in the Womb

Certain genetic variants in babies who were exposed to opioids in the womb may protect them, leading to shorter hospital stays and less treatment, according to a new study.

Medical Board of California Supports Bills Aimed at Prescription Drug Abuse

The Medical Board of California has voted to support measures designed to fight prescription drug abuse, the Los Angeles Times reports. The board refused to transfer its investigators looking into physician misconduct in prescription drug abuse cases to the state Attorney General’s office.

Middle School Prevention Program Helps Cut Later Prescription Drug Abuse: Study

Young adults who had participated in a community-based prevention program in middle school reduced their prescription drug misuse up to 65 percent, a new study finds.

Government Workers Urged to Join National Prescription Drug “Take-Back” Day

Three federal government agencies are urging employees to dispose of unwanted or expired drugs, as part of National Prescription Drug “Take-Back” Day on Saturday.

One-Fourth of Teens Have Misused or Abused Prescription Drugs at Least Once: Study

One-fourth of teens have misused or abused a prescription drug at least once in their lifetime, a 33 percent increase over the last five years, a new study finds. One in eight teens say they have taken Ritalin or Adderall when it was not prescribed for them, according to the study by The Partnership at and MetLife Foundation.

Some Pain Doctors Concerned About FDA’s Decision Not to Approve Generic OxyContin

Some pain doctors say they are concerned the Food and Drug Administration’s decision earlier this week not to approve generic versions of the original version of OxyContin could lead to less effective drugs that are potentially addictive, NPR reports.

FDA Will Not Approve Generic Versions of Original OxyContin

The Food and Drug Administration announced Tuesday it will not approve any generic versions of the original form of OxyContin. The move is aimed at preventing prescription drug abuse, Reuters reports.

Heroin Use Increasingly Seen in Suburbs Across the Country

As prescription painkillers become more difficult to obtain and abuse, a growing number of people addicted to these drugs are switching to heroin, USA Today reports. The trend is increasingly being seen in the suburbs.

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