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Use of Marijuana, Inhalants Higher in Teens in Child Welfare System: Study

Use of marijuana and inhalants is more common in teens in the child welfare system compared with other teens, a new study finds.

Lawsuit Challenges Wisconsin Fetal Protection Measure Known as “Cocaine Mom” Act

A federal lawsuit is challenging a Wisconsin measure that allows the forcible confinement of pregnant women who use illegal drugs or alcohol “to a severe degree” and will not accept treatment. The law is known as the “cocaine mom” act.

Babies Exposed to Smoking During Pregnancy at Increased Risk of Deadly Infections

Babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy have an increased risk of being hospitalized for potentially deadly infections, according to new research.

Tennessee Report: Number of Babies Born Dependent on Drugs is Higher Than Ever

The number of babies born dependent on drugs their mothers took during pregnancy is predicted to exceed 800 in Tennessee this year, more than even before, according to a new report.

Vermont Colleges Engage Parents in Effort to Reduce Binge Drinking

Several colleges in Vermont are engaging parents in their effort to reduce binge drinking, according to the Associated Press. Students tend to drink less when their parents are aware of what they are doing, says Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen.

Commentary: Recovery and the Culture of Family

The legacy of substance abuse is a combination of BOTH nature AND nurture. No one can change their DNA, so that leaves us examining the environment provided by parents in recovery to their children, says Phyllis Gardner of IC&RC.

Commentary: Family-Centered Treatment in Hispanic Communities

According to a recent report, Hispanic teens are more likely to abuse illegal and legal drugs than their black or white peers. ¡Celebrando Familias! was developed specifically for Spanish-speaking families affected by substance use disorders, say experts from the National Association for Children of Alcoholics.

Prescription Painkillers Taken Early in Pregnancy Could Increase Birth Defect Risk

Taking certain prescription painkillers early in pregnancy may increase the risk of birth defects such as spina bifida, a new study suggests. The overall risk of these birth defects is low, the researchers note.

Children Adopted From Russian Orphanages Have High Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Rates

A new review of studies finds high rates of fetal alcohol syndrome in children who are adopted from Russian and Eastern European orphanages, or who are in foster care. These children also are more likely than average to have other physical, mental and behavioral problems related to alcohol exposure in the womb.

Study: Hispanic Teens More Likely Than Those in Other Ethnic Groups to Use Drugs

A new study finds Hispanic teenagers are more likely than African-American or Caucasian teens to use drugs. The study by The Partnership at found 54 percent of Hispanic adolescents said they had used an illegal drug, compared with 45 percent of African-American teens and 43 percent of Caucasian teens.

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