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Florida Needs More Resources to Help Babies Exposed to Opioids, Experts Say

Florida needs more resources to help the many newborns exposed to opioids, experts told a statewide task force. They said the number of such babies far exceeds the number of treatment beds available for mothers addicted to prescription drugs, and their newborns.

“Red Ribbon Week” October 23-31 Raises Awareness About Drug Prevention

The 27th annual “Red Ribbon Week,” October 23-31, will raise awareness about drug prevention around the country. Families can get involved this year by entering a contest to promote awareness in their neighborhoods, and win a drug prevention grant for their children’s school.

Authoritative Mothers Influence Behavior of Teenagers’ Friends

Mothers with an authoritative parenting style can influence the friends of their teenagers, making it less likely they will get drunk, or smoke cigarettes or marijuana, suggests a new study.

National Campaign Aims to Prevent Medicine Abuse Among Teens

A national campaign launched this week aims to prevent half a million teenagers from abusing medicine within five years. CBS NewYork reports The Medicine Abuse Project is a multi-year effort to help educate parents, teens and the public about the dangers of medicine abuse.

Critics of State Marijuana Legalization Measures Focus on Mothers

Critics of ballot initiatives to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon, California and Colorado are focusing on mothers, according to Reuters.

Study Finds Secondhand Smoke Can Harm Newborn Brain Development

A new study concludes that exposure to secondhand smoke can harm the developing brain of newborns. Researchers found exposure to active or secondhand smoke affected newborn babies’ ability to inhibit stimuli that can harm the central nervous system.

Study Links Mothers Who Let Kids Sip Alcohol and Children’s Reported Drinking

A new study finds a link between mothers’ belief that it is acceptable to let their children sip alcohol, and their children’s reported alcohol use. The study found one-quarter of mothers of young children believed allowing children to sip an alcoholic drink would likely deter them from drinking in the future.

Commentary: Medical Marijuana – Time for Parents to Step In

As the evidence mounts of the negative effects of medical marijuana laws in various states, it’s even more important for parents to recognize that marijuana needs to be on their parenting radar screen, say researchers from the Treatment Research Institute.

Mother’s Smoking in Pregnancy May Cause Brain Changes in Child That Lead to Obesity

A new study may help explain why children born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy are at increased risk of obesity. Researchers found children whose mothers smoked while pregnant have structural changes in their brains that may increase preference for fatty food.

Survey Finds 17% of High School Students Abuse Substances During School Day

A new survey finds an estimated 17 percent of American high school students say they drink, smoke or use drugs during the school day. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found 86 percent of teens say they know which of their peers are abusing substances at school.

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