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Navy Launches Online Addiction Treatment Support for Sailors

The Navy has signed a five-year contract with Hazelden to provide online recovery support services for sailors.

Join Together News Roundup for July 27, 2010

An FDA advisory panel says doctors should be required to get training on misuse of prescription drugs and rejected a plan that called for voluntary training … The VA is now allowing veterans to use medical marijuana in states where it is legal … Moonshine is cheap and cool again, explaining why producing illegal booze is more popular during the recession …

Veterans Dept. Allows Use of Medical Marijuana

Veterans in states with medical-marijuana laws will be allowed to use the drug without losing their access to pain medication under a new policy announced by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Dangers on Homefront Exceed Battlefield for Some Soldiers

Soldiers of the First Armored Division's Fourth Brigade are statistically at higher risk of death upon returning to their home base of Fort Bliss, Texas, than they were while deployed in Iraq.

Join Together News Roundup for July 12, 2010

Progress in the war on teen smoking has slowed to a crawl, and the government will miss a key target for smoking cessation, a CDC report says … The head of California’s NAACP chapter is under fire for supporting a marijuana legalization ballot initiative … San Francisco has drawn up the first regulations on marijuana-infused foods … Alcoholic energy drinks are being marketed to kids, Sen. Charles Schumer says …

Join Together News Roundup for July 7, 2010

Missouri has become the fifth U.S. state to ban K2, an herbal blend that mimics the effects of marijuana when smoked … Price controls on potent alcoholic drinks have helped cut binge drinking, a Canadian province reports … Healthcare providers need to pay more attention to smoking among gay and lesbian populations, says the American Lung Association … The long-running legal battle over funding of an Ohio tobacco prevention foundation has reached the state Supreme Court …

Join Together News Roundup for June 25, 2010

People in recovery need to deal with their stress to avoid relapse, a new study says … Most evangelical leaders don’t drink, and those who do say they imbibe in moderation … Colorado Springs, Colo., has collected more than $123,000 in taxes on medical marijuana in 2010 … Pregnant women who smoke experience more pelvic pain, researchers say …

Navy Bans Smoking on Submarines

Citing secondhand-smoke dangers for nonsmoking crew members, the U.S. Navy will impose a smoking ban on its submarine fleet at the end of the year.

Mexican President Defends Anti-Drug Efforts, Indicts U.S.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon compared the United States to a drug addict as he sought to shore up support for his antidrug efforts at home. “It is as though we have a neighbor next door who is the biggest addict in the world, with the added fact that everyone wants to sell drugs through our house,” said Calderon.

ONDCP Seeks Teens to Influence ’Above the Influence’

The White House says that teens “understand and embrace” the Above the Influence (ATI) brand — the peer-oriented ads promulgated by the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. But the campaign’s supporters want to focus the ads more tightly to local needs, and is calling on communities to engage teens in the “Influence Project” to “share their insights about the positive and negative influences they see around them and their approach to ’staying above it.’”

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