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Healthcare Reform Won’t Cut Medicare, Medicaid Benefits For Those With Mental Illness

The Affordable Care Act will not reduce Medicaid or Medicare benefits for people with mental illness, according to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Some Veterans Coping with Drug Abuse, PTSD Lose Health Benefits

More than 20,000 U.S. veterans have left military service during the past four years with an other-than-honorable discharge, which can restrict their disability and veterans health care benefits, The Seattle Times reports. Many of these men and women are struggling with drug abuse and/or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Affordable Care Act Changes May Affect Insurance Costs for Those With Mental Illness

The Affordable Care Act makes changes to the health insurance system and health insurance benefits that may affect the cost of insurance and healthcare for people with mental illnesses, according to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati.

Rapid Rise Seen in Antipsychotic Prescriptions for Children and Teens with ADHD

Antipsychotic treatment has increased rapidly among young people in the United States, with much of the increase coming from prescriptions for disruptive behavior disorders such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, Reuters reports.

Substance Use Disorder Experts Expect to See Rise in Abuse After Aurora Shootings

Substance abuse treatment centers say they expect to see increased drug and alcohol abuse in the wake of the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, according to The Denver Post.

Retiring Olympic Athletes May be at Risk of Substance Abuse, Studies Suggest

Several recent studies are shedding light on why athletes may be more prone than the general population to substance abuse, eating disorders and suicide. The findings may have implications for athletes retiring after the Summer Olympics, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Sales Tax in Washington State Funds Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

In King County, Washington, a portion of all sales tax collected is dedicated to substance abuse, mental health and therapeutic court services. The Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Plan, passed by the King County Council in 2007, has helped prevent and reduce the involvement of people with substance use disorders and mental illness in the criminal justice system, says the plan’s project manager.

Advocates Seek to Exclude Death Penalty for Defendants With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

A growing number of murder cases nationwide seek to exclude the death penalty for defendants with fetal alcohol syndrome, The Seattle Times reports.

Childhood Physical or Emotional Abuse Linked to Smoking in Women

Women who suffered physical or emotional abuse in their youth are more likely to smoke than women who did not suffer such adverse childhood experiences, a new study suggests.

Congressmen Argue Insurers Decrease Coverage for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Three current members of the U.S. House, joined by two former members, argued this week that health insurers are trying to take advantage of customers by decreasing coverage of mental health and addiction treatment.

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