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Some OxyElite Pro Dietary Supplements Recalled; Linked to Liver Illness Outbreak

The maker of the dietary supplement OxyElite Pro is recalling some of its products, which have been linked to an outbreak of liver illnesses, the Food and Drug Administration said Saturday.

New Online Marketplace for Illegal Drugs Opens Despite Recent Silk Road Shutdown

A new online marketplace that sells illegal drugs opened Wednesday, Reuters reports. It is called Silk Road, the same name as the Internet marketplace for illegal drugs that was shut down last month by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Monday Most Popular Day for Google Searches on Quitting Smoking

Monday is the most popular day for conducting Google searches about quitting smoking, a new study finds.

$35 Million in Profits Seized From Silk Road Online Drug Marketplace

Court papers unsealed Friday revealed that federal agents seized a total of $35 million in profits from Silk Road, the online drug marketplace shut down earlier this month.

Children in Developing Nations Targeted by Tobacco Company Marketing

Tobacco companies, which have been banned from targeting children and teens in the United States, are focusing on young people in the developing world, according to Scientific American.

Sports Supplement “Craze” Contains Meth-Like Chemical: Study

The sports supplement “Craze,” popular in the United States and other countries, contains a meth-like chemical, USA Today reports.

Analysis of Silk Road Reveals Marijuana, Cocaine Prices are Relatively Low in U.S.

An analysis of drug prices on the recently shuttered website Silk Road reveals cocaine and marijuana sell for less in the United States than in many other countries, CNN Money reports.

European Parliament Votes Down Tight Regulation of E-Cigarettes

Members of the European Parliament on Tuesday voted against tight regulations for e-cigarettes, according to The New York Times. The vote comes as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prepares to issue regulations for the devices.

Regulate E-Cigarettes Less Strictly Than Traditional Cigarettes, Industry Urges FDA

Makes of e-cigarettes are lobbying the Food and Drug Administration to regulate their products less strictly than traditional cigarettes, The Washington Post reports. The agency has said it will start regulating the e-cigarette industry later this month.

Other Websites Selling Illegal Drugs Remain After Shutdown of Silk Road

Other illegal websites remain in business, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation earlier this week shut down Silk Road, an online marketplace that sold illegal drugs including heroin, cocaine, opioid pills, Ecstasy and LSD.

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