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FDA Invites Comments on Warnings for Smokeless Tobacco Products

The Food and Drug Administration is inviting public comment on possible changes to smokeless tobacco product warnings.

TV Liquor Ads May Promote Drinking in Young Teens, Study Suggests

Young teens appear to be susceptible to the persuasive messages in television alcohol ads, a new study suggests. The ads influence some young teens to drink more and experience drinking-related problems later in adolescence, the researchers found.

Lawmakers Ask Energy Drink Makers for Safety Information About Products

Three federal legislators have sent letters to 14 marketers of energy drinks, asking for information about the products’ ingredients and for studies showing their risks and benefits to youth, The New York Times reports.

Lance Armstrong Offers Apology for Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs during his career, and apologized for doing so during an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Associated Press reports.

Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels Can Influence Diverse Groups of People: Study

Graphic cigarette warning labels that show the health consequences of smoking can influence a wide range of racial, ethnic and socioeconomic groups, a new study concludes.

Tobacco Companies Move into E-Cigarette Business

Tobacco manufacturers are moving into the manufacture and sale of electronic cigarettes, according to CNBC. The business, which brought in $400 million to $500 million in sales in 2012, is expected to at least double this year, one expert predicts.

Company Hopes to Sell Marijuana in Vending Machines in Colorado, Washington

A California-based company hopes to sell marijuana in vending machines in Colorado and Washington, which have legalized recreational use of the drug, NBC News reports.

Teens Invited to Participate in “Big Bowl Vote 2013” After Super Bowl

Middle and high school students are invited to participate in Drug Free Action Alliance’s “Big Bowl Vote 2013,” a student questionnaire about alcohol advertising given the morning after the Super Bowl.

E-Cigarette Companies to Begin Advertising on Television

Marketers of e-cigarettes are introducing ad campaigns that borrow ideas from older cigarette commercials, The New York Times reports. The commercials have been accepted by several cable channels, but no broadcast networks have yet agreed to carry them.

Banning Tobacco-Product Displays May Help Reduce Youth Smoking, Study Suggests

A new study suggests policies that ban tobacco-product displays at the point of sale may help reduce teen smoking.

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