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FDA Panel Advises Approval of Drug for Opioid Dependence, With Concerns

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended the agency approve a drug to treat opioid dependence, but voiced concerns about the safety of the manufacturer’s marketing plan.

Monster Agrees to Include Energy Drinks’ Caffeine Content on Label

Monster Energy has agreed to market its drinks as beverages, instead of dietary supplements, CNN reports. The company’s decision comes after 18 public health experts asked the Food and Drug Administration to restrict caffeine content in energy drinks.

Government Won’t Fight for Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

The U.S. government will not fight for graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, and will instead create new anti-smoking ads, Reuters reports.

Health Experts Ask FDA to Restrict Caffeine Content in Energy Drinks

A group of health experts is asking the Food and Drug Administration to restrict the amount of caffeine permitted in energy drinks, according to The New York Times.

Study Finds Underage Drinkers Prefer Top Alcohol Brands

The first national study to identify alcohol brands consumed by underage youth finds the top 25 brands accounted for almost half of youth alcohol consumption.

Smokers Easily Identify “Light” Cigarettes Despite Federal Ban: Study

Smokers can easily identify “light” and “mild” cigarettes, despite a federal law banning those words, because tobacco companies have substituted color names for those terms, a new study concludes.

Internet Searches Provide Data on Drug Side Effects

Scientists can use data from Internet searches to learn about unreported side effects from prescription drugs, before they are found by the Food and Drug Administration, The New York Times reports.

Fewer Teens Receiving Substance Abuse Prevention Messages From Media

The percentage of teenagers who received substance abuse prevention messages from the media in the past year dropped from 83.2 percent in 2002, to 75.1 percent in 2011, according to a new government report.

Internet Sales of Illegal Drugs a Major Problem: European Union Study

Almost any kind of illegal drug can be purchased online and delivered by mail, without the buyer making direct contact with drug dealers, according to a new report by the European Union. The report states such purchases make it more difficult to track drug routes.

FDA Invites Comments on Warnings for Smokeless Tobacco Products

The Food and Drug Administration is inviting public comment on possible changes to smokeless tobacco product warnings.

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