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Marijuana Advocacy Group Posts Billboard Ad Across From Denver Football Stadium

A marijuana advocacy group has posted a billboard ad across from Denver’s football stadium, USA Today reports. The Marijuana Policy Project’s ad urges the National Football League to “Stop Driving Players to Drink.” Referring to Colorado’s new marijuana legalization law, the ad notes, “A safer choice is now legal (here).”

Drug Abuse Prevention Groups Urge Government to Reconsider Stance on Marijuana

Drug abuse prevention groups this week urged the Department of Justice to reconsider its announcement that it will allow Colorado and Washington to carry out their new recreational marijuana laws.

California Bill Would Reduce Penalties for Minor Drug Offenses

As the federal government takes steps to reduce mandatory minimum sentences for minor drug offenses, California legislators are considering making similar changes.

Smoking Bans at Outdoor Venues on the Rise

Many outdoor venues, including parks, beaches and college campuses, are banning smoking, according to ABC News. The number of outdoor smoking bans has almost doubled in the last five years.

Experts Say Bans on Synthetic Drugs in Florida Have Reduced Sales

Since local and statewide bans of synthetic drug sales in Florida have taken effect, the products are no longer easy to find in gas stations and convenience stores, according to an expert who tracks emerging psychoactive drugs. Calls to poison control centers have dropped, and fewer people are being rushed to the emergency room with side effects from the drugs.

More Women Could Receive Addiction Treatment Under Health Reform: Expert

The number of women receiving treatment for substance use disorders could rise under changes that will be implemented as part of health care reform, according to an expert at UCLA.

Patients Seeking Medical Marijuana Recommendations from Doctors Have Long Wait

People seeking a doctor who will write a recommendation for medical marijuana often have a long wait. MarketWatch reports in Massachusetts, many patients have been waiting since the state’s medical marijuana law took effect in January.

22 Percent of Americans Support Complete Ban on Smoking

A new Gallup poll finds 22 percent of Americans support a complete ban on smoking, The Huffington Post reports. Only 9 percent of smokers support a complete ban.

First Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Washington, D.C. Opens This Week

Capital City Care, the first medical marijuana dispensary in Washington, D.C., opened this week. It is located about one mile north of the U.S. Capitol, according to The Huffington Post.

Ad Promoting Marijuana Legalization Removed From Spot Outside NASCAR Race

A video ad promoting the legalization of marijuana was pulled from a screen outside a NASCAR event at the Indiana Motor Speedway Friday, several hours after it began running, USA Today reports.

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