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FDA Panel to Consider Approval of Drug for Smoking-Related Lung Damage

A panel of the Food and Drug Administration this week will meet to decide whether to recommend approval of a new drug for smoking-related lung damage, Fox News reports.

Commentary: ASAM Survey to Identify Where Patient Access to Addiction Treatment is at Risk

As a growing number of states have either passed new legislation or are considering legislation limiting payment for opioid treatment, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has launched a task force focused on FDA-approved medications for opioid dependence, says their Acting President Dr. Stuart Gitlow.

Companies Use Data Analysis to Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

A growing number of companies are using data analysis to fight prescription drug abuse, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Many Young Adults Use Parents’ Insurance to Treat Substance Abuse, Mental Illness

Young adults who receive health insurance through their parents’ plans because of the Affordable Care Act are more likely to use the coverage to treat substance abuse, mental illness or pregnancy, compared with their peers who already had coverage, a new report finds.

Majority of Americans Say Doctors Should Have Limits on Pain Medication Prescribing

A new poll finds 52 percent of Americans say doctors should have limits on the amount and dosage of pain medication they are allowed to prescribe. Almost half of those surveyed said prescription drug addiction is a major U.S. health problem.

Study: Energy Drinks May Disturb Heart’s Natural Rhythm

Energy drinks may increase blood pressure, and lead to changes in the heart’s natural rhythm, according to a study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association.

Addiction Expert: Care Needed in Implementing New Buprenorphine Prescribing Rules

In January, new government regulations took effect that allow greater take-home privileges for buprenorphine patients who are treated in clinic-based Opioid Treatment Programs (OTPs). While this change will allow more patients to have increased flexibility as they progress in their recovery, providers must be careful in deciding who to give the medication to, in order to avoid diversion, says a New York addiction specialist.

Commentary: Tobacco: The Next Winnable Battle for America’s Armed Forces

Research shows that an astonishing 31 percent of America’s service men and women smoke. David Dobbins of Legacy explains why leaders in public health are excited that America’s armed forces will now have powerful tools in their arsenal to combat one of the most lethal products available to consumers: tobacco.

Advocacy Group: Push for Peer Recovery Support Services in Essential Health Benefits

Recovery groups should advocate for inclusion of peer recovery support services as part of essential health benefits that will be covered under the Affordable Care Act, according to Faces & Voices of Recovery. Peer recovery support services are delivered by individuals who have “lived experience” with addiction and recovery.

Internet Searches Provide Data on Drug Side Effects

Scientists can use data from Internet searches to learn about unreported side effects from prescription drugs, before they are found by the Food and Drug Administration, The New York Times reports.

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