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Vermont Colleges Engage Parents in Effort to Reduce Binge Drinking

Several colleges in Vermont are engaging parents in their effort to reduce binge drinking, according to the Associated Press. Students tend to drink less when their parents are aware of what they are doing, says Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen.

New York Court to Decide Whether Drivers Can Be Too Drunk to be Found Guilty

New York State’s highest court this week heard arguments from lawyers of three drivers who claimed they were too drunk to understand what they were doing or the threat they posed to others. The judges will decide whether drivers can be considered too drunk to be found guilty.

Mouse Study Helps Explain Why Binge Drinking May Interfere With Bone Healing

A new study of mice helps explain why binge drinking may interfere with bone healing. The study shows how alcohol slows healing on the cellular and molecular levels.

College Students’ Drinking Habits Formed in First Six Weeks of College: Expert

College freshmen’s drinking habits are often formed during the first six weeks of school, according to an expert from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

Wine Glass Shape Influences How Much You Drink, Study Suggests

The amount of wine you drink is influenced by the shape of the glass, and whether you are holding the glass when you pour it, a new study suggests.

Student Drinking in Spotlight as Dartmouth Starts Year with New President

Dartmouth College is starting the school year with a new president, as the Ivy League school faces troublesome questions about binge drinking and other issues, The New York Times reports.

Drugged Drivers Three Times More Likely to Be Involved in Fatal Crash

Drivers who test positive for drugs are three times more likely than those who test negative to be involved in a deadly car accident, a new study finds. Using drugs and alcohol together dramatically increases the risk of a fatal crash, according to researchers at Columbia University.

Study Finds Where Person Drinks Influences Risk of Partner Violence

The location where people drink influences whether they will be involved in partner violence, suggests a new study. Men drinking in bars and at parties away from home are more likely to be involved in male-to-female violence, as are women who drink in parks and other public places.

Underage Drinkers, Smokers Often Get Cigarettes and Alcohol from Family and Friends

A survey of underage smokers and drinkers in Canada finds many of them obtain their cigarettes and alcohol from family and friends.

Drug and Alcohol Violations Increase at U.S. Nuclear Plants, Report Finds

Drug and alcohol violations among employees at U.S. nuclear plants are on the rise, according to a new report. They have increased from about one a month to almost one a week over the last five years.

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