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College Students Who Drink More and are Anxious Feel More Connected to Facebook

College students who report greater alcohol use and higher levels of anxiety appear to be more emotionally connected with Facebook, a new study concludes.

Almost 70% of Underage Drinking Deaths Not Traffic-Related, MADD Finds

An analysis of deaths related to underage alcohol use finds 68 percent are not traffic-related, USA Today reports. The study, by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, found 30 percent of such deaths are homicides.

Governments Can Reduce Drinking by Limiting Density of Liquor Stores: Report

Local governments can reduce excessive drinking by regulating the density of stores that sell alcohol, according to a new report.

Millions of New Patients Could Receive Addiction Treatment Under Health Law

Between 3 million and 5 million new patients could soon receive addiction treatment under the Affordable Care Act, according to the Associated Press. The change will have a major impact on treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

Exercise May Protect Brain Against Heavy Drinking, Study Suggests

Exercise may help protect the brains of people who drink heavily, a new study suggests.

Taste of Beer May Trigger Brain’s Reward Center, Stimulate Alcohol Craving

The taste of beer may trigger the brain’s reward system and cause a craving for more alcohol, researchers from Indiana University report.

Planting False Memories of Getting Sick from Alcohol Might Reduce Drinking: Study

A new study suggests planting false memories of getting sick from alcohol may influence a person to drink less of that type of alcohol in the future.

Many Young Adults Use Parents’ Insurance to Treat Substance Abuse, Mental Illness

Young adults who receive health insurance through their parents’ plans because of the Affordable Care Act are more likely to use the coverage to treat substance abuse, mental illness or pregnancy, compared with their peers who already had coverage, a new report finds.

People Consume More Calories and Fat on Days They Drink Alcohol

People consume more calories and fat on the days they drink alcohol, according to a new study.

Some States Attempt to Crack Down on Phony IDs Used for Underage Drinking

New York state is introducing new driver licenses engraved with a “ghost image” that floats in a transparent window, in an effort to crack down on fake IDs used for underage drinking. Other states may follow suit, BBC News reports.

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