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Medical Marijuana Industry Faces Off Against Advocates for Full Legalization

Medical marijuana trade associations, dispensary owners and advocacy groups are concerned that full legalization of the drug will negatively impact their industry, according to Politico.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Group Suggests Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

The national association representing pharmacy benefits managers, which administer prescription drug plans for more than 210 million Americans, has released recommendations aimed at reducing prescription drug abuse and fraud in Medicare.

Urban Outfitters to Discontinue Products Promoting Rx Drug Abuse

Urban Outfitters announced Friday it will discontinue selling products that promote prescription drug abuse. The move comes after a campaign by public health groups, state attorneys general and legislators.

Public Health Groups Call for Rules to Limit Youth Access to Marijuana in Washington

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, along with substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, are calling for rules that would limit youth access to marijuana in Washington state, now that the drug is legal there for adults.

Ban Flavored Tobacco Products and Require Plain Packaging, European Doctors Say

European governments should ban flavored tobacco products and require plain packaging, the European Society of Cardiology announced Friday, designated as World No Tobacco Day.

Cancer Group to NY State: Ban Sale of Sweet Tobacco Products in Convenience Stores

The American Cancer Society is urging New York to become the first state to ban the sale of sweet-flavored little cigars, chewing tobacco and loose tobacco in convenience stores. The group says these products are aimed at children.

Health Groups to Attorneys General: Investigate New Camel Cigarette Ad Campaign

Health groups including the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Legacy and the American Heart Association are asking several attorneys general to investigate a new ad campaign for Camel Crush cigarettes. The groups say the ads target young people.

Call Urban Outfitters CEO to Have Products that Promote Rx Drug Abuse Removed

Thank you for supporting our effort to have products that promote prescription drug abuse removed from Urban Outfitters (UO) stores and website. UO has yet to respond to our demands, so we invite you to join us for a phone campaign to Urban Outfitters CEO & Chairman to request that the merchandise be removed immediately.

23 Attorneys General Urge Urban Outfitters to Pull Products Promoting Rx Drug Abuse

On Wednesday 23 attorneys general sent a letter to Urban Outfitters CEO and Chairman Richard A. Hayne, urging him to remove products promoting prescription drug abuse from the stores’ shelves.

MADD Says Lowering Legal Blood-Alcohol Level Not Best Way to Stop Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving says the new recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board that states lower allowable blood-alcohol levels for drivers is not the most effective way to eliminate drunk driving, The Christian Science Monitor reports.

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