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Advocates’ Calls for Tougher Rx Pain Meds Resisted

Advocates say the need to curb the abuse of prescription (Rx) opiates is more urgent than ever, due to a growing epidemic of Rx overdoses from pain medication in Massachusetts and across the country, according The Boston Globe.

Heavy Drinkers Found to Reduce Drinking with Anti-Epilepsy Drug

New research shows that an anti-epilepsy drug may help heavy drinkers reduce their alcohol consumption.

Quitting Smoking Can Improve Mental Health, Study Finds

A new study from Washington University concludes that people can improve their mental health when they quit smoking.

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Kentucky Prescription Drug Abuse Law Has Unintended Consequences: Expert

Kentucky’s law designed to reduce prescription drug abuse has raised awareness about the problem, but has had some unintended consequences, according to an addiction medicine specialist in the state.

New Hampshire Sees Alarming Rise in Drug-Addicted Infants

As heroin and prescription drug abuse rises in New Hampshire, doctors are seeing more babies born addicted to opioids, a condition known as Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, reports the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Heroin Addicts Seeking Treatment Face Insurance Roadblocks

As heroin use escalates across the U.S., addicts and their loved ones who are seeking treatment face a lack of services and strict constraints placed by insurance companies, according to health care and addiction professionals.

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Commentary: What You Need to Know About Heroin Addiction

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s tragic death has focused attention on heroin addiction. Unfortunately, heroin addiction is on the rise from teens to older adults, says Dr. Barbara Krantz of the Hanley Center.

Merger of Hazelden and Betty Ford Center Approved

California has approved the merger of the Hazelden Foundation and the Betty Ford Center, the Star Tribune reports. The new organization will be called the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. It will be the nation’s largest nonprofit treatment organization.

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