Philip Morris Says It Will Sell Cigarette With Lower Health Risks by 2017

Tobacco giant Philip Morris International announced it will sell a new type of cigarette with lower health risks by 2017, Bloomberg News reports.

The company says it is developing three new cigarettes that would be sold under existing brands, such as Marlboro. One is a cigarette that heats tobacco, instead of burning it, the article notes. Tobacco companies have tried to develop a safer cigarette for many years. In 1988, a heated-tobacco smokeless cigarette called Premier was introduced, but was on the market for only one year.

Philip Morris Chief Operating Officer Andre Calantzopoulos said the company’s new heated-tobacco cigarette is ready for clinical testing. The company predicts it will start manufacturing the product in three to four years. A second cigarette the company is working on would be lit with a normal lighter. A third uses a chemical reaction to make an aerosol containing nicotine.

2 Responses to Philip Morris Says It Will Sell Cigarette With Lower Health Risks by 2017

  1. john martin public health educator | June 21, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    A safer carcinogen? A poison that causes disease more slowly,at lower rates is STILL A POISON by any other name. Tobacco slowly heated releases vapors known to be carcinogenic and unstable levels of nicotine.
    The tobacco companies protecting the health of its’ customers? The wolf protects the chickens too.

  2. maxwood | June 21, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    I wonder what the differences will be between any of the three products described and an e-cigarette with, say, a “Marlboro flavor” in the cartridge? Anyway, just heating, not burning the tobacco must be safer– consider that when you take a drag (3-4 seconds) on a Marlboro the temperature can reach 700 C (1292 F) only a few inches from your trachea. Many carcinogens won’t form if the material is heated to less than 400F.

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