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  • Connecting With Your Kids

    How to Connect With Your Kids

    Learn how to have better conversations with your teen, be a better listener, and build a stronger bond. Encourage healthy risks – and find out how much you really know about his friends.

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  • How to protect your kids

    How to Protect Your Kids

    Rules don't alienate kids; they make children feel loved and secure – and help keep them healthy and safe. So set limits, monitor her whereabouts, and get to get to know her friends. And be sure to safeguard your medicines.

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  • How to spot drug and alcohol use

    How to Spot Drug & Alcohol Use

    Wondering if your child is using drugs or drinking? Here are tips on how to find out – and a list of signs and symptoms to look for. And what about searching in his room for evidence? We explore that too.

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  • How to help if they are using

    How to Help if They’re Using

    Is your child using drugs or drinking? Whether she’s a teenager or a young adult, drinking alcohol, smoking pot or using other drugs, it’s important to take action right away. Here are tips on how to step in and help.

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  • community

    How to Help Your Community

    PACT360 contains five key programs: Meth360®, Parents360, Youth360, Latino360 and Padres360. These programs provide parents and teens with a “360-degree” view of existing and emerging drug and alcohol issues. They are designed to be delivered by our local partners, law enforcement, prevention and treatment professionals and can be customized to reflect the needs and issues of the community.

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