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Hi. It's Nancy. I'm back to you to continue my story. Please forgive me with the 'to be continued's' but when you've been out there for

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At the age of 15 I began using cocaine and by the time I was 17 I was addicted to meth. I did not care

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This story starts shortly after my mother was born. She was the oldest of 7, my grandmother had a child every year after my mother

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My name is Kelvin and I’m a person in long-term recovery, which means that I haven’t used alcohol and other drugs since March 6th 2009.

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My name is Anthony and I'm from Ohio. I've only told the whole story a few times to close friends and I can't believe now

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My name is Matt Bowman.  Since I was thirteen, I have been drinking heavily, and have experimented with just about every drug under the sun. 

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I came from a loving family who supported me at every turn of life. My brothers and I were outstanding athletes and could accomplish anything

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My best friend became hooked on cocaine, herion and speed. He has tried to overdose in the past using all three, and maybe more. He

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Shortly after I turned 17 I got my first taste of addiction. I called a friend to get something for another friend and found out

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I am now 18. I have not been addicted for very long. (about 4-5 yrs) yet what i went through is still strong and powerful

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