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Teens must be confronted on why they have to smoke weed to relax, and more importantly, on why they can’t find more constructive ways to reduce their stress and deal with the family and school issues that plague them.

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Though it is important not to rush into labeling a difficult teenager, not to rush into medication as the answer, parents are wise to become informed about symptoms and seek counsel with highly qualified professionals who can keep an eye on what’s going on, especially if there is some family history of depression or manic behavior.

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Sadly, they’re never going to be like other teenagers. They can’t have just one beer. The extra pocket money probably won’t go for snacks. They can’t hang with a party crowd and stay straight. Even when in recovery, the addiction shadow will always stalk them. And you.

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He last used thirty minutes ago. Morphine. He prefers not to mention his pharmaceutical source. He’s been using since maybe he was thirteen: LSD, marijuana. Lots of LSD. Heroin? Off and on since he was in his late twenties. He’s dual diagnosis. Bipolar disorder. Onset probably about thirteen.

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At college, my stepdaughter Katherine entered a fast-paced world of addiction and chaos.

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There must be times when you think of yourself first because if you lose your mind, you’re no good to anyone.

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When some kid is screaming for candy in the checkout line and the mother is reaching for the Hershey’s bar, I want to grab hold

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