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Make Your Sober Life Your Friend

Story Of Hope By Lynda Esquivel

On December 23, 1999 I was so close to ‘hell’ my clothes smelled like smoke. I had been a cocaine addict since 1982. I abandoned my 2 year old daughter at my parents house, never to return. I smoked crack and injected cocaine every day until I went to prison on that day. I am a living miracle! During all that time, I never imagined being straight and having my family back. (I caused deep emotional issues for my daughter, which she has not recovered from and this is a ‘work in progress.’) There truly is hope for any addict. Believe in it! Reach out for it! Don’t go as far as I did. I live my life drug free and face any & all issues with open arms! My dream is to be given the opportunity to share my story, which is way too long to share here, and help other addicts stay clean.

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