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Life on the other side

Story Of Hope By Don
Life on the other side

I was 22 when I started using cocaine and alcohol to heal my pain. The pain was a direct result of my hidden secrets of being a gay man. I had a succesful career and ful life but that still was not enough to pull me away from drugs and alcohol. I struggled with my addiction for years before hitting me bottom. At the age of 41 when my habbit hit $400 daily using meth, ghb, and booz. I lost it all and became homeless. Today at the age of 42 i’m bouncing back, it’s not easy but alot easier than maintaining my habit. I’m happy healthy and enjoying life on lifes terms. I’ve been blessed to have another chance and seek constant support in my recovery and continue to give back and share my message in all I do. I will forever be grateful to the program of AA for my life.

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