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From a kid in a ditch to a kid in the air

Story Of Hope By Peter
from a kid in a ditch to a kid in the air

My name is Peter. I’m a recovering addict who got clean July 2 2012 (7/2/12). I was seventeen at the time. I was clean for several months before hand but placed a dangerous friendship before my recovery and relapsed. My road has been tough as nails and soft as rose petals. I go to 12 step meetings regularly have two service positions and have a sponsor. I now have a part-time job and spend my time either at meetings or at a circus training school where I am training to become a professional flying trapeze artiste and aerialist. It's not easy yet and it may never be but i cherish my life. Id rather go through the rough times clean than running from things I fear with drugs and losing who I am my family my friends and my love for life. I love my life now and if you admit you have a problem and are WILLING to do whatever it takes. come fly with me :)

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