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Story Of Hope By Dom P

Every second of every day. Every minute of every hour. Every waking moment is dedicated to getting high. That’s my life.

When someone tells you to stop, when someone tells you, you don’t look so good you secede into a hole and shut off the world. You don’t wanna hear it. That’s my life.

You shut people out because you know you are hurting them. You think, if I just end it maybe the pain will stop. You’re better than it, it doesn’t phase you. That’s my life and what k2 has done to it.

I have been sober only a few days and it’s already getting better. I have lost over a 100 pounds in less than a year because of this drug. Yes it is a drug. It may be “fake weed” but it is very much a “real drug.” I thought because it was “fake” it was fine and I had been doing it for four years.

As soon as you are not smoking it, you need it. I came to the brink of death and before I was going to kill myself I realized how much more pain I would of caused everyone. But the pain of living is just as hard. Every day I want to go get a bag. But I know if I do, I will be dead.

Loneliness and k2 go hand in hand. The only way I am defeating my addiction right now is by being around my friends and family. You have to keep busy. I will get up in the morning and just run. For an hour, two hours, or more. You gotta keep it off your mind. Remove yourself from activities that you would associate with your drug.  As hard as it might seem some of your “friends” who you would use with, you have to let go. They will only take you back. You have to start fresh. Entirely fresh.

One of the biggest things that helped me was moving. I only moved ten miles. But I can’t access the drugs as easily anymore. Remember as fucked up as the world might seem and all those pieces that seem to fall into place in your life is all in your head. You are a good person — it’s time for the world to see. If the world still seems fucked up, well guess what, you are sober now so time to change it. Get out there and make a difference.

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