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Death and Rebirth

Story Of Hope By Jessica

If I would have known the turns my life would take when I was 15, I would have never picked up a drug. All I wanted was to be accepted. The drugs made me feel confident and in control. I was so wrong, the drugs had control of me. It was all in fun, though.

I had started using heroin at 16. I got into trouble a lot. I was in and out of detention centers in South Dakota. One night I decided to steal my mother’s car and wreck it. I don’t remember much from that night. I woke up in a basement in Nebraska. Locked in. I had no food. I drank water out of a bathroom faucet. I was down there for about a week before I got away.

I overdosed the night before Thanksgiving 2012 for the third time. I was DEAD for about 4 minutes. Drugs will kill you. I moved away from my family. I completely alienated myself. I was hurting everyone who loved me, not only myself. You think this stuff only happens in movies. It doesn’t.

If you could picture where you’d be 10 years from now, I doubt you’d want to be living on the street, stealing and conning to get your fix. So take a step in a different direction NOW. There are sooo many amazing resources out there to help.

I’m so happy these days. I have meaning in my life. I have a relationship with my family again. I have NEVER been this happy. Sobriety takes work, and I’m so happy to take the steps to stay clean every single day.

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