In Case You Missed It: Excerpt from “Meet The Parents Hour” with Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern

Andrew Zimmern, Chef & "Bizarre Foods" Host

The Partnership at featured award-winning TV personality, chef and father Andrew Zimmern during an exciting, live chat and Q&A with our Facebook community this week.

Having just celebrated 20 years in recovery, Andrew opened the online discussion by sharing how he became “a drug addict and an alcoholic” and explained how he lost everything due to his addiction.

Andrew went on to share his personal story of triumph and path to recovery and offer encouragement to others who are now struggling with a loved one’s addiction.

Here’s an excerpt from “Meet The Parents Hour” featuring Andrew Zimmern:

Question from ALL RISE: “Hi Andrew. Thanks so much for participating in this. As a public figure, what was your process for deciding to talk openly about your addiction and recovery? Was it a decision you grappled with, or was it something you always knew you wanted to do?”

Answer from Andrew Zimmern: “When I sobered up I was told I needed an alternative to the world of drinking/drugging. I needed it to fill the time void, and the relationship void, so drugs/alcohol were a higher power for me, a false one, but they were. I thought I could depend on them to solve my problems, and help me grow. I had faith in them in a twisted way. When I got clean, my mentors, sponsors and  friends all told me that getting into a 12-step program would help me. They were right. Today I still practice those principles and try to give back wherever I can.”

Question from Sarah Rayer: “It is very courageous to share your story of long term-recovery. What has been the most rewarding thing about talking about your recovery with others?” 

Answer from Andrew Zimmern:My story is my most powerful personal recovery weapon. It reminds and informs me of where I have been and where I can go…and it helps show others that recovery is possible for anyone, no matter how far they have fallen.”

Question from Next Gen Counseling: How much of a role has your relationship with your Higher Power played in your recovery? What does that look like for you?” 

Answer from Andrew Zimmern: “My relationship to a power greater than myself is the foundation of my recovery and without it I would be dead. I was always the most important person on earth and that feeling almost killed me. Today I am not and I am happy and successful in life. The math is easy. Alcoholism is not a choice. Addiction is not a choice. The disease starts long before the picking up. Just the same, in my recovery I learned that putting the drugs and booze away was just the beginning. Being a good dad, a good friend and a good husband is infinitely harder.”

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