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Jacob Gray 1988-2011


The relationship I had with my son I wouldnt of traded any second that God gave me with him!!! What started my son to stray into the drug world was a car accident in 2004.My son was in the car with 5 of his friends!They were on there way to galesburg on Dec19th and they lost control of the car and ran off the road and J.B. Peterson(his friend for life) had over corrected and the front tire snapped off and they went into a roll,end over end!!My son Jacob, Had gotten out of the car making sure everyone was ok! But Jacob found his best friend outside the car and the car had landed on him!! My son held him till help arrived but JB was in very bad shape and didnt survive!! Not only did I lose my (adopted son) I lost my real son that day Jacob Allen Gray!!! Due to this freak accident my son,turned to self medication of any drugs he could find. I have watched my son die slowly with these drugs and all the hospital stays from overdoses from xanax ,ectasy,morphine,lortab,crack,meth,and then he was introduced to heroin! Jacob always told me mom, Im not trying to hurt myself,Im just trying to forget the accident and his best friend dying in his arm! As a devoted mother I got where i would stay up and watch my son sleep to make sure he was breathing! I took my son everywhere for help but he wouldnt open up and talk about the accident with anyone. I couldnt help him with the addition because he denied haven a drug problem and every Dr. said noone can help Jacob till he is ready. So on Dec23,2011 I found my son unresponsive and called 911,and even done cpr on my own son trying to help him start breathing till medics got here and then they took over. Due to me starting cpr the hospital had to do everything in there power to try and bring my son back.After 45min, His heart restarted and was put on life support due to he wasnt breathing on his own so my son was in hospital thru xmas but in a coma, I knew my son had been gone and I shouldnt of tried to bring him back because ur brain dies after 5 min with no oxygen. But with the Blessing of the Lord my son made the choice to move on Dec26,2011 at 6:19am before we had to make the decision at 9:00am to pull the life support!!! My son Jacob, Was a momma’s boy and even at 23yrs he would tell everyone that he was!!! Im still in denial of my loss!! Its hard for his sister and neices cause thy are 2yrs and 9months.He loved them dearly!!!  I had no idea what herion was or what it did to a person and my son come to me on Dec22nd and said mom Im ready for help!!! I was in shock that my son said the words that I had been waiting for all these yrs.I tried to call bridgeway that fri,22nd but no one answered due to the holiday! This was the best christmas that I could ask for a present! But my son decided that he would do it one last time, I’m guessing? I dont know, I feel asleep after he made me supper that was awesome, around 9:00p.m something woke me up with a bad feeling and i yelled my sons name and he didnt answer. I woke about12:15a.m and ran to the front room and i found him on the loveseat. Im angry at these dope dealers killing our kids selling them herion that God only knows what they are putting in it,so it goes further and they make more money!!!!!! I hope my story lets parents know that when a child admits they have a drug problem dont wait for an appt. take them to a hospital or facility and dont give them that last time with the dope dealer cause this was my sons last day and i had no idea he couldnt wait for christmas and the family together i didnt think he would do a last hurah and he didnt have christmas. Everyone that knew my son was there for him at his funeral but where was they when my son needed help and they new what he was doing and his mother didnt till it was to late to save my son!!!!!! Jacob(son) always remember that ur heart was my heart and mine was yours and you will always be my precious boy! May God release ur pain and suffering from this horrible addictions and open those pearly Golden Gates and let you in until God puts us together again!!!!!  Love always son,2 HEARTS WILL ALWAYS BEAT AS ONE YOUR HEART WILL BE MY HEART TILL GOD COMES FOR MINE!!!! FOREVER LUV MOM

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    Pat / July 11, 2014 at 9:26 am

    I am so sorry for your loss of Jacob. I am hopeful that your story will touch others and especially let people know that we must try to help those suffering from addiction early and often – praying for a cure!


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