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Prepare to be called a hypocrite

The important thing is you don’t want YOUR TEEN doing drugs or drinking.

One of the questions you’ll be sure to be asked is whether or not you have done drugs yourself. There are many responses if you experimented in the past. Today’s drugs are much stronger than they were when you were young. You can say that you’re sorry, and wish you had never tried drugs. Just don’t let your teen manipulate you into a position where your response becomes a justification for them to use.

  • Focus on the issue at hand-you don’t want YOUR TEEN doing drugs or drinking
  • Be honest-but be sure they know you don’t want them using
  • If you use tobacco and your child calls you on this, mention that you are an adult, and yes, you can do this since it’s legal – but you understand that you shouldn’t and it’s not healthy. Underscore how hard it is to stop as an adult and that you want to help your child to avoid making the same mistakes.
  • If you’re in recovery, think of your past experiences as a gift you can use to impact your child. Tell your teen, “I did these things but I made wrong choices and I want you to learn the lessons from my mistakes.”

Amelia Arria, Ph.D., talks about the importance about boing open and honest with your child about your past experience.

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