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Thanks to you, we are gaining momentum to put a stop to Urban Outfitters selling products made to look like prescription pill bottles!

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Urban Outfitters, the national retail store popular with teens, is currently selling pint and shot glasses and flasks made to look like prescription pill bottles. These products make light of prescription drug misuse and abuse, a dangerous behavior that is responsible for more deaths in the U.S. each year than heroin and cocaine combined. Join us and ask Urban Outfitters to remove these products from their stores and website immediately!

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The abuse of prescription drugs is well documented, but if we are to expand our fight against prescription drug abuse and want the support of policy makers, it is incumbent upon us to find new sources of revenue that will pay for the changes that must be made, says Andrew Kessler, substance abuse and mental health specialist.

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The number of deadly drug overdoses in the United States increased for the 11th consecutive year, according to new government data. More than 22,000 people died of overdoses involving prescription drugs in 2010.

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A growing number of pets are being accidentally poisoned, and prescription medicines are largely to blame, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Medicine is only effective when it is used properly, and for young people moving to adulthood, learning how to use medicine properly is a critical life skill, explains Nora L. Howley of the NEA Health Information Network.

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Walgreens has been ordered to pay $16.5 million in damages, to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of illegally dumping pharmaceutical and biohazardous waste in California.

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A law signed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie bans health care facilities from improperly disposing of prescription medications, by discharging them into public sewer or septic systems.

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The scientific nonprofit group that sets standards for medicine safety is proposing reworking and standardizing medication labels, in an effort to reduce potentially dangerous medication mix-ups.

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A new study finds a growing number of workers who get hurt on the job are getting their medication directly from their physicians, instead of pharmacies, which is driving up costs.

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