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A new assessment tool may allow doctors to evaluate the impact of methamphetamine on babies exposed in the womb. The tool may help identify which babies will go on to develop problems due to exposure to the drug, according to a new study.

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In the second half of his interview with Join Together, Nic Sheff, author of the new memoir We All Fall Down, discusses what treatment and recovery mean to him.

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Join Together sits down with Nic Sheff, author of the new memoir We All Fall Down, to discuss his personal journey of recovery from substance abuse.

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A bill pending in the Colorado Senate would make drugs containing pseudoephedrine available only by prescription. The bill aims to further restrict the ability of methamphetamine labs to make the illegal drug.

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Federal money is drying up for meth lab cleanups, making it more difficult for local law enforcement agencies to dispose of toxic leftovers from meth labs.

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