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Substance abuse treatment providers must start making changes now so they are ready when the Affordable Care Act is implemented in 2014, says Dr. Thomas Freese.

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Experts in the Chicago area say they are seeing more people facing drug addiction who are white, suburban and upper-middle class.

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With great unmet demand for substance abuse treatment, addiction experts are looking for ways to expand treatment options. Dr. McCance-Katz, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco and former president of the AAAP, discusses the need to increase the number of patients treated with Suboxone and ways to increase use of the drug as treatment.

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David K. Mineta, ONDCP Deputy Director for Demand Reduction, shares how we can succeed in helping students avoid drugs and social pressures that run counter to their health and safety.

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Mitchell S. Rosenthal, MD, Founder of Phoenix House, talks about a new campaign to lower the barriers families face in getting teens the treatment and recovery support they need.

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The American Society of Addiction Medicine has released a new definition of addiction, calling it a chronic brain disorder, not just a behavior problem.

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A finding about the role of a protein in the brain that influences behavior may hold clues to addiction-like behaviors, a study in mice suggests. The research could help scientists searching for more effective addiction treatments, according to Science Daily.

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When parents find out their teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, the family’s immediate focus is generally on getting help for the teen. But parents are often in great need of help themselves. A new toll-free, bilingual phone helpline is providing that assistance.

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Activating a specific brain receptor may reduce the appeal of cocaine, a new study in mice suggests.

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Under the American Psychiatric Association’s new definition of addiction, one-third of patients undergoing long-term pain therapy with opioids meet the criteria for addiction, a new study finds. Contrary to expectations, the new definition does not reduce the percentage of people considered addicted to opioids.

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