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Tobacco Smoke Exposure May Start Affecting Kidneys in Teen Years

Tobacco smoke exposure may affect teen kidney function, a new study suggests. The research included the effects of active smoking and secondhand smoke.

Parents’ Deployment May Increase Risk of Kids’ Substance Abuse

Having a parent deployed in the military may increase the risk of substance abuse in teens and preteens, a new study suggests.

Almost One in Five High School Age Boys in U.S. Have Received ADHD Diagnosis

Almost one in five boys of high school age, and 11 percent of school-age children overall, have received a medical diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the United States, according to new government data.

Parents: Talk to Your Teens About Drinking Before They Start College

Parents who discuss drinking with their teens before they start college can influence their children’s drinking behavior once they are at school, a new study suggests. A parental talk can reduce the chances that light drinkers will become heavier drinkers, and increase the odds that teens who already drink heavily will reduce their drinking or stop.

Some Teens More Genetically Predisposed to Become Heavy Smokers

Some teenagers appear to be more genetically predisposed than others to become heavy smokers, a new study suggests.

Children of Divorced Parents More Likely to Smoke as Adults, Study Finds

Children of divorced parents are more likely to smoke when they reach adulthood, compared with their peers whose parents have stayed together, a new study finds.

Marijuana Use in College May Increase Risk of Leaving School, Study Suggests

Using marijuana in college may increase the risk of leaving school, a new study suggests. Researchers found even students who only used marijuana occasionally were more likely to leave than their peers who did not use drugs.

Monster Agrees to Include Energy Drinks’ Caffeine Content on Label

Monster Energy has agreed to market its drinks as beverages, instead of dietary supplements, CNN reports. The company’s decision comes after 18 public health experts asked the Food and Drug Administration to restrict caffeine content in energy drinks.

Some Toddlers of Women Who Used Meth in Pregnancy Show Abnormal Stress Response

Toddlers of women who used methamphetamine in pregnancy, who live in an unstable home environment, appear to have an abnormal response to stress, a new study suggests.

Report Finds Child Poisoning Often Results From Pills Found in Purses and on Floor

A new report finds small children who end up in the emergency room after being accidentally poisoned from medication are more likely to find the pills in a mother’s purse or the floor than the family medicine cabinet.

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