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Study Finds Random Drug Testing Doesn’t Deter High School Students’ Substance Use

Random drug testing in schools does not reduce students’ substance use, a national survey of high school students concludes. The study found students who attend schools where they feel treated with respect are less likely to start smoking cigarettes or marijuana.

Use of E-Cigarettes Among Middle and High School Students Doubles

Use of e-cigarettes among middle and high schools students doubled from 2011 to 2012, according to a new government survey. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 10 percent of high school students had tried an e-cigarette last year, compared with 5 percent the previous year.

Rate of Prescription Drug Abuse Among Young Adults Holds Steady at 5 Percent

A national survey released Wednesday finds 5.3 percent of young adults used prescription drugs for nonmedical purposes in the past month, similar to rates in the previous two years. The survey found rates of teen drinking, including binge drinking, in the past month were lower last year compared with 2002 and 2009.

Study: Hispanic Teens More Likely Than Those in Other Ethnic Groups to Use Drugs

A new study finds Hispanic teenagers are more likely than African-American or Caucasian teens to use drugs. The study by The Partnership at found 54 percent of Hispanic adolescents said they had used an illegal drug, compared with 45 percent of African-American teens and 43 percent of Caucasian teens.

Teens With Half-Siblings More Likely to Use Drugs and Have Sex by Age 15

Having half-siblings increases the chance that a teenager will use drugs and have sex by age 15, according to a study presented at the American Sociological Association annual meeting.

Federal Officials Investigate Antipsychotic Drug Use in Children on Medicaid

Federal officials are investigating the use of antipsychotic drugs in children enrolled in Medicaid. The Wall Street Journal reports the probe was sparked by concerns the drugs are being prescribed too often to treat behavior problems in very young children.

Commentary: Drinking and the College Experience

For four years of high school, most adults were against teen drinking. They would ground us, punish us, deactivate our cell phones and take away our car keys if they suspected kids were drinking. But after graduation, the adults I know now tell me that drinking is important for the “college experience,” observes one incoming college freshman.

Children Breathe in Less Secondhand Smoke Today—Unless They Have Asthma

Children today are exposed to significantly less secondhand smoke than they were a decade ago—unless they have asthma, according to a new government report.

Teens Who Use Smokeless Tobacco Likely to Also Smoke Cigarettes

Many teens who use smokeless tobacco also smoke cigarettes, according to a national survey of almost 19,000 middle school and high school students.

“G-Pen” Vaporizer Used for Medical Marijuana Becoming Popular With Teens

A device used for medical marijuana, called the “G-Pen,” is becoming popular with teens, MyFoxNY reports.

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