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Disrupting Memories Linked to Past Drinking May Reduce Alcoholic Relapse: Rat Study

Disrupting memories of past drinking, by blocking a pathway in the brain linked to learning and memories, may help reduce alcoholic relapse, a study of rats suggests.

E-Cigarettes May Help Some Smokers Quit, Study Suggests

New research suggests e-cigarettes may help some smokers quit. The study of smokers with no desire to quit found up to 13 percent were not smoking regular cigarettes after one year of using the electronic devices.

Many Medicaid Programs Hinder Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment: Report

Many Medicaid programs make it difficult for people addicted to opioids to receive medications to treat their addiction, according to a new report. The American Society of Addiction Medicine says private insurance companies also are restricting access to these treatments.

Smoking Undertreated Compared With Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure: Study

Smoking is vastly undertreated, compared with other chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure, a new study concludes.

Minorities Less Likely to Complete Substance Abuse Treatment in Many States

A state-by-state analysis of substance abuse treatment programs finds that in many states, minorities are less likely than whites to successfully complete substance abuse programs. The analysis found significant disparities among states with regard to racial and ethnic differences.

An Author Takes a Look Inside Rehab

Join Together chats with New York Times best-selling author Anne Fletcher, MS, RD, whose latest book is “Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment – And How to Get Help That Works” (Viking, 2013), to discuss addiction treatment today and the future of recovery.

Commentary: Celebrating Drug Courts From Coast to Coast

From small towns like Page, Arizona to major cities like Denver, Colorado and Brooklyn, New York, All Rise America! put a spotlight on what can be achieved when justice and treatment professionals work together to give addicted offenders the opportunity for treatment.

Preventing Substance Use Disorders in People With Mental Illness

A researcher at Harvard Medical School is studying which substance use disorders are more common among people with different types of mental illness, and when they tend to develop.

Smartphone App Helps Teens Quit Smoking Through Text Messages

A smartphone app designed by the National Cancer Institute texts teens to help them quit smoking, Politico reports.

Playing With Dogs May Help Teens Treated for Substance Abuse

New research suggests playing with dogs can improve the mood of teens being treated for drug or alcohol abuse in a residential treatment center. Dog therapy may help stimulate the release of the feel-good chemical dopamine in the brain, the researchers say.

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