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E-Cigarettes Perceived as Less Harmful Than Tobacco Cigarettes

An international survey has found 80 percent of people who use e-cigarettes do so because they consider the products less harmful than traditional cigarettes. The researchers say e-cigarettes may have the potential to help smokers quit, Medical News Today reports.

Study Links Smoking in Teens and Young Adults With Risk of Death Before 55

The risk of dying before age 55 is increased in teens and young adults who smoke, are obese and have high blood sugar levels, a new study suggests.

Don’t Charge Smokers More for Insurance, Health Groups and Tobacco Makers Say

Public health groups and tobacco companies are united in their opposition to a provision of the Affordable Care Act that allows insurance companies to charge smokers 50 percent more than nonsmokers, The Washington Post reports.

Commentary: Why the Term “Enabling” Does More Harm Than Good

The term “enabling” is commonplace in the field of addiction and used within support group settings, in treatment programs and throughout the professional literature about addiction and the family. Kimberly Kirby, PhD, of the Treatment Research Institute, explains how it is one of the most frequently misunderstood terms in the field.

Substance Use in 12th Grade Dropouts Greater Than in Teens Who Stay in School

Teens who are old enough to be in 12th grade, but have dropped out of school, have higher substance abuse rates than their peers who are enrolled in school, according to a new government report.

Indoor Smoking Bans May Lead to Lower Rates of Preterm Birth: Study

Laws that ban smoking in enclosed public places may result in lower preterm birth rates, a new study suggests.

Study Suggests Vicious Cycle of Smoking Urges and Alcohol Consumption in Women

Women who are attempting to quit smoking may try to reduce their quitting-related stress by using alcohol, which in turn can lead to greater urges to smoke, a new study finds. This vicious cycle can increase the risk of smoking relapse, according to Science Daily.

Commentary: Smokers With Mental Illness Deserve Treatment

While extensive research exists on the effects of tobacco use in the general population, few studies focus on individuals with mental illnesses. Further research is needed to address tobacco cessation efforts in this underserved community, explains Legacy President and CEO Cheryl Healton

Addiction to Food Viewed Less Negatively Than Addiction to Alcohol or Tobacco

People view addiction to food in a less negative light than addiction to alcohol or tobacco, according to a study by researchers at Yale University.

Many Psychiatric Hospitals Ban Smoking

For decades, patients in most psychiatric hospitals were allowed—even encouraged—to smoke. Now state and federal health officials are changing course, and banning smoking in a growing number of these facilities, according to The New York Times.

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