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Secondhand Smoke Sensor Could Help Enforce No-Smoking Regulations, Inventors Say

Researchers who have developed a secondhand tobacco smoke sensor say their product could be used to enforce no-smoking regulations.

Adults with Substance Use Disorder or Mental Illness Smoke 40% of Cigarettes

Adults with a substance use disorder or mental illness smoke almost 40 percent of cigarettes in the United States, a new government study finds.

Government Won’t Fight for Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

The U.S. government will not fight for graphic warning labels on cigarette packages, and will instead create new anti-smoking ads, Reuters reports.

Relighting Cigarettes May be Related to Economic Factors

A growing number of smokers are relighting cigarettes, a trend that is related to economic factors, according to researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

New York Mayor Proposes Keeping Cigarettes Out of Sight in Stores

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed keeping cigarettes out of sight in city stores, the Associated Press reports. The proposal is designed to discourage smoking among young people, he said.

Florida Court Reaffirms Allowing Sick Smokers, Survivors to Sue Tobacco Companies

The Florida Supreme Court on Thursday reaffirmed its decision allowing sick smokers or their survivors to sue tobacco companies for cigarette-related illness or death.

Smokers Easily Identify “Light” Cigarettes Despite Federal Ban: Study

Smokers can easily identify “light” and “mild” cigarettes, despite a federal law banning those words, because tobacco companies have substituted color names for those terms, a new study concludes.

Quitting Smoking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease Even in Those Who Gain Weight

Quitting smoking reduces the risk of heart disease, even in smokers who gain weight after they quit, a new study finds.

Commentary: Tobacco: The Next Winnable Battle for America’s Armed Forces

Research shows that an astonishing 31 percent of America’s service men and women smoke. David Dobbins of Legacy explains why leaders in public health are excited that America’s armed forces will now have powerful tools in their arsenal to combat one of the most lethal products available to consumers: tobacco.

California Measure Would Increase Financial Aid Funding by Raising Cigarette Tax

Supporters of a measure that would fund an increase in college financial aid in California, by raising the excise tax on cigarettes by a dollar per pack, have been given permission to start collecting signatures in an effort to get on the November ballot.

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