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Study Linking Nicotine and Heart Disease Suggests E-Cigarettes Not Safe for Heart

A study that shows nicotine contributes to smokers’ higher risk of developing heart disease suggests the nicotine in e-cigarettes is not necessarily safe for the heart, CNN reports.

E-Cigarettes Used Indoors Could Expose Non-Users to Nicotine: Study

People who use e-cigarettes indoors may be exposing the people around them to nicotine, a new study suggests. The amount of secondhand nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes is much smaller than from traditional cigarettes, the researchers conclude.

Heavy Marijuana Use in Teen Years Linked to Damaged Brain Structures: Study

Heavy marijuana use in the teenage years could damage brain structures vital to memory and reasoning, a new study suggests.

Exposure to Alcohol Before Birth Linked to Social Skills Problems in Childhood

Children whose mothers drank during pregnancy are more likely to have problems with social skills, compared with their peers whose mothers did not drink while pregnant, according to a new study.

Smokers Addicted to Stimulants Can Quit Smoking Without Impacting Treatment

A new study finds smokers who are addicted to methamphetamine or cocaine can stop smoking while they are being treated for their addiction to stimulants, without adversely impacting their addiction treatment.

Study: Smoking Cessation Drugs Do Not Raise Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke

A new analysis of previous studies involving more than 30,500 smokers concludes smoking cessation therapies do not increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. The study included nicotine patches and gums, as well as the medications bupropion and varenicline.

Pregnant Women Who Smoke Marijuana Have Increased Risk of Stillbirth, Study Finds

Pregnant women who smoke marijuana may increase their risk of stillbirth three-fold, a new study concludes.

Smoking After Receiving Diagnosis of Cancer Increases Risk of Death

Men who continue to smoke after they have received a diagnosis of cancer are more likely to die than those who find out they have cancer and quit smoking, according to a new study.

Use of E-Cigarettes Among Teens Linked to Heavier Use of Regular Cigarettes: Study

A new study finds the use of e-cigarettes among teens is associated with heavier use of regular cigarettes. The researchers say their findings suggest that the devices are creating a new pathway for youth to become addicted to nicotine.

Study Finds Energy Drinks Increase Heart Contraction Rate

Consuming energy drinks high in caffeine and taurine can significantly increase a person’s heart contraction rate, according to a new study that raises concerns about the drinks’ effect on the heart.

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