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Youth Involved in AA-Related Helping Less Likely to Test Positive for Alcohol and Drugs

Youth who become active in Alcoholics Anonymous-related helping while they are in treatment are less likely to test positive for alcohol and drugs during treatment, a new study finds.

Lung Cancer Screening Could Prevent 12,000 Deaths Annually: Cancer Society

A study by the American Cancer Society estimates 12,000 deaths annually could be avoided in the United States among the highest risk smokers and former smokers through a national lung cancer screening program.

Alcohol Therapy May Improve Domestic Violence Problems in the Short Term

Male heavy drinkers arrested for domestic violence, who participate in a therapy session devoted to alcohol, were less aggressive toward their partners in the months after the counseling, according to a new study.

Children of Women With Alcohol Disorder in Pregnancy Have Greater SIDS Risk

Children whose mothers are diagnosed with an alcohol disorder in pregnancy, or within a year after giving birth, are three times more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, compared with infants whose mothers do not have an alcohol disorder, a new study finds.

Multiple Sex Partners Increase Risk of Alcohol or Marijuana Dependence

A new study links the number of sex partners young adults have with their subsequent risk of developing alcohol or marijuana dependence disorders. The study found young women who had more than two or three sex partners when they were 18 to 20 years old were nearly 10 times more likely than those with one or no sexual partner to develop a substance dependence problem at age 21.

Qigong, Chinese Movement Exercise, May Help Control Cocaine Craving

The Chinese movement exercise known as qigong may help control cocaine craving early in recovery, a new study suggests.

Older Smokers Who Quit See Health Benefits Within Five Years

Older smokers who quit can see health benefits within five years, according to a new study. The study of 8,807 people ages 50 to 74 found a person can reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke by more than 40 percent within the first five years after they stop smoking.

Number of Deadly Drug Overdoses Rises for 11th Year

The number of deadly drug overdoses in the United States increased for the 11th consecutive year, according to new government data. More than 22,000 people died of overdoses involving prescription drugs in 2010.

Study Links Smoking in Teens and Young Adults With Risk of Death Before 55

The risk of dying before age 55 is increased in teens and young adults who smoke, are obese and have high blood sugar levels, a new study suggests.

Alcohol Use Results in An Estimated 20,000 Cancer Deaths in U.S.

Alcohol consumption results in an estimated 20,000 cancer deaths in the United States, a new study concludes. The majority of alcohol-related deaths in women are from breast cancer, while in men, alcohol is most likely to cause upper airway and esophageal cancer.

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