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Animal Study Yields Clues to Susceptibility to Alcohol Addiction

A study of mice suggests why some people may be more susceptible than others to alcohol addiction. The findings may one day lead to improved treatments, the researchers say.

Marijuana Use in College May Increase Risk of Leaving School, Study Suggests

Using marijuana in college may increase the risk of leaving school, a new study suggests. Researchers found even students who only used marijuana occasionally were more likely to leave than their peers who did not use drugs.

Study: Energy Drinks May Disturb Heart’s Natural Rhythm

Energy drinks may increase blood pressure, and lead to changes in the heart’s natural rhythm, according to a study presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association.

Secondhand Smoke Sensor Could Help Enforce No-Smoking Regulations, Inventors Say

Researchers who have developed a secondhand tobacco smoke sensor say their product could be used to enforce no-smoking regulations.

Some Toddlers of Women Who Used Meth in Pregnancy Show Abnormal Stress Response

Toddlers of women who used methamphetamine in pregnancy, who live in an unstable home environment, appear to have an abnormal response to stress, a new study suggests.

Evidence of Harmful Effects of Alcohol Stronger Than Data on Benefits: Experts

The evidence of the harmful effects of alcohol outweighs data on the benefits of drinking, a physician writes in the current issue of the journal Addiction.

Anesthesia Abuse Increases Among Health Care Professionals, Study Suggests

Abuse of the anesthesia drug propofol is on the rise among health care professionals who have easy access to it, a new study suggests.

Relighting Cigarettes May be Related to Economic Factors

A growing number of smokers are relighting cigarettes, a trend that is related to economic factors, according to researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

Modest Alcohol Consumption Can be Dangerous for Those with Hepatitis C

Even moderate amounts of alcohol can be dangerous for people with hepatitis C, according to a new study.

Middle School Dating Linked to Increased Substance Use in New Study

Middle school students who date report using twice as much alcohol, tobacco and marijuana, compared with their classmates without romantic relationships, a new study finds.

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