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Smoking Fewer Cigarettes Without Quitting Won’t Lengthen Your Life: Study

People who cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke, instead of quitting entirely, won’t lengthen their life, a new study finds.

Young Children’s Personality Traits Linked to Teen Alcohol Use

A child’s personality traits before age 5 may help predict whether they will use alcohol in adolescence, a new study suggests.

Smoking and Heavy Drinking May Hasten Decline in Brain Function: Study

People who are both smokers and heavy drinkers have a faster decline in brain function, compared with those who don’t smoke and who drink moderately, a new study suggests. Smoking and heavy drinking is associated with a 36 percent quicker decline in cognitive function.

Bath Salts Could be More Addictive Than Meth, Rat Study Suggests

The active ingredient in the synthetic drug known as bath salts could be more addictive than methamphetamine, a new study in rats suggests.

Women Use More Moderate Words to Describe Drunkenness

Women are more likely to describe intoxication with moderate words such as “tipsy” or “buzzed,” while men tend to use harsher words such as “hammered” or “wasted,” according to a new study.

Anti-Alcohol Policies in Schools More Effective If Students Think They Are Enforced

School anti-alcohol policies are more effective when students think they are being enforced, researchers at the University of Washington have found. Students’ perceptions of the policies’ enforcement are more important than the details of the policies.

Study Links Assault Injuries, Guns and Substance Abuse in Youth

Teens and young adults who are treated in the emergency room for injury from an assault, who own or carry a gun, are more likely to have problems with substance abuse and aggressive behavior than those without guns, a new study finds.

Little Evidence ADHD Drugs Improve Students’ Grades: Study

Students taking attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder medication don’t perform better in school than their peers who do not use the drugs, a new study concludes.

Study Finds Poor and Minority Patients Less Likely to be Prescribed Opioids

Patients in pain who are poor, black, or Hispanic are less likely to be given opioids in the emergency room, compared with wealthier white patients, a new study finds.

Tobacco Control Measures Can Save Millions of Lives: WHO

Tobacco control measures such as high tobacco taxes, bans on advertising, and laws prohibiting smoking in public places could prevent tens of millions of premature deaths around the globe, according to a study by the World Health Organization.

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