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Prepaid Card Designed to Help Those in Recovery From Addiction Manage Money

Three men who met while in recovery have developed a prepaid card designed to help others who are recovering from addiction manage their money, the New York Daily News reports.

Access to Health Care Services for Addiction Will Improve Dramatically: Faces & Voices of Recovery

Once the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented in 2014, access to effective health care services for addiction will improve dramatically, according to Faces & Voices of Recovery. In an issue brief, the advocacy group describes how the new legislation will make it possible for many in or seeking recovery to be included in the health care system for the first time.

Commentary: Learning As We Go: Critical Assessment of Addiction Research and Practice

A recent article drew attention to the fact that some substance abuse counselors believe moderate drinking is an option for individuals with substance use disorders. Phyllis Abel Gardner, PhD, President of IC&RC reacts to this news.

3 Easy Ways to Support Join Together

Join Together has been the nation’s leader in providing free, high-quality addiction prevention and treatment information to communities nationwide for more than 20 years. Your loyal support ensures that we can continue to deliver this valuable service, but we need your help.

Commentary: Navigating Holiday Stress

For some, the holidays are the happiest time of year, however it can also be a challenging time for those in recovery worried about relapse, explains Marvin D. Seppala, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Hazelden.

Commentary: Research on Recovery Residences is Critical

Recovery residences, particularly recovery homes, are understudied in scientific literature and are often regarded with skepticism by community members, say researchers at the Treatment Research Institute.

Commentary: Charging into Recovery – Is Cash Really a Gateway Drug?

Although the field of addiction treatment is always in need of new ideas and helpful tools, it is critical that the ideas/tools be based upon sound research. The idea that “cash in hand” is a trigger for drug use has long been an area of critical debate, say scientists from the Treatment Research Institute.

Web-Based Recovery Study Runs Through October 31

A web-based survey for people in recovery from an alcohol or drug problem will be available until October 31. The “What is Recovery” study is funded by the National Institutes of Health. The researchers hope the study will help dispel the stigma that those in recovery face.

Alcohol’s Effects on Brain Can Begin to Subside Soon After Person Stops Drinking

Alcohol’s damaging effect on the brain can begin to subside two weeks after a person stops drinking, a new study suggests. Recovery may vary among different areas of the brain, the researchers say.

Smoking Interferes with Veterans’ Sobriety Attempts, Study Finds

Veterans who smoke while trying to stop drinking have a more difficult time becoming sober than their peers who don’t smoke, a new study concludes.

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