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Comedians Find Humor in Addiction and Recovery

The Comedy Addiction Tour is hitting the road after a debut in New Orleans, with a team of four comedians seeking the lighter side of addiction and recovery.

Mass. to Create Online Sober Homes Registry

Responding to quality concerns, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health will publish an online registry of sober homes in the state.

Celebrity Recovery Misadventures Hurt Treatment's Image

In and out of rehab and all over the tabloids, celebrity addicts like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears are damaging the image of addiction treatment programs, some observers say.

Antismoking Ads Backfire, Study Concludes

Middle-school students who were exposed to the greatest number of antismoking ads were also the most likely to smoke, according to researchers who concluded that such ads can backfire unless constructed carefully.

Bill W's Home Becomes a Cultural Mecca

The rural home of Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson has become a pilgrimage site of sorts for many people in recovery and their family members since opening to the public as a museum in 1988.

Quitting Smoking Aids Alcoholism Recovery, Researchers Suggest

Recovering alcoholics who quit smoking perform better on mental tests than those who continue to smoke, according to a study by San Francisco researchers.

Behavioral Health Care Environment 'Toxic' for Persons in Recovery and Those Working in the Field

'The environments in which behavioral health care is both given and received are toxic for persons in recovery, family members, and the workforce,' according to a report commissioned by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Media Attention Misrepresents Long-Term Recovery

Recent media coverage about high-priced treatment programs is scintillating, but misinforms the public and policy makers about long-term recovery, writes Pat Taylor.

Spirituality a Smoking Cessation Aid, Study Says

Most smokers say they would welcome ways to integrate their personal spiritual beliefs into their attempts to quit smoking cigarettes, and research suggests that a spiritual component could improve the odds of quitting.

NAADAC Wants Recovery Month Money Restored

The FY2008 budget for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration includes no money to promote national Recovery Month, but addiction counselors are calling on federal lawmakers to restore the $4-million budget for organizing Recovery Month events.

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