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Vt. Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Drug Policy at Recovery Forum

Seven candidates for governor in Vermont clashed over a proposal to decriminalize drugs at a recent forum sponsored by Friends of Recovery Vermont.

Addicts Need to Deal with Stress to Ensure Recovery

Recovering addicts who failed to take steps to deal with the stress in their lives were more susceptible to craving — a major predictor of relapse — according to researchers at Penn State University.

FDA Probes Marketing of Marlboro Lights

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — concerned that Philip Morris may be trying to skirt new regulations banning the marketing of so-called “light” cigarettes — is demanding that the cigarette firm turn over its marketing information for Marlboro…

Bladder Problems, Pelvic Pain Tied to Ketamine Use

Heavy and long-term users of the club drug ketamine risk developing incontinence and other bladder issues, suggests a small study of young ketamine users in Hong Kong. HealthDay News reported May 30 that the study of 66 ketamine users ages…

’Icing’ Drinking Game Goes Viral; Smirnoff Denies Responsibility

From college campuses across the U.S. to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, “icing” has become the first viral drinking game of the modern era, the New York Times reported June 8. A modification of “tag” involving alcohol, players “ice” one another…

Talk of Delay for N.J. Medical Marijuana Law Riles Supporters

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently expressed support for the state’s new medical-marijuana law, but talks with lawmakers over when to put the law into effect have sparked anger among backers of the measure, the Newark Star-Ledger reported June 4….

Health Association Vet Tapped to Head ASAM

The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) will have a new chief executive starting July 1: Penny S. Mills will replace the retiring Eileen McGrath as ASAM’s executive vice president, the addiction specialty group announced June 4.

New Indiana Alcohol Law: ID Everyone

Starting July 1, store owners in Indiana will be required to check legal photo identification from all alcohol buyers, regardless of how old they appear, the Associated Press reported June 5. The law will apply to any establishment selling “carry-out”…

Community College Students Launch Anti-Smoking, 'Good Behavior' Campaign

Students at Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, N.Y., will launch a comprehensive 'good behavior' campaign in the fall to discourage smoking in prohibited areas, littering, and other bad habits on campus.

Officials Not Crazy About Potent ’Four Loko’ Energy Drink

A new energy drink called “Four Loko” has a 12-percent alcohol content and is loaded with caffeine and sugar, WABC-TV reported May 28. Twice the size of a regular can of soda, the 24-ounce energy drink sells for under $3…

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